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Budapest, district 20

130 apartments & 20 commercial/retail units.

The development plot comprises circa 7771 sqm of land, of which 30% was built upon and the remainder was developed with landscaped greenery and communal recreational facilities.
The development comprises 2 similar sized buildings, A and B, both of which have a ground floor plus 4 additional floors. In total, 150 units of real estate were produced, for both residential and commercial purposes in the ratio if circa 80/20. A total of 150 parking spaces were apportioned between underground basement level parking and outdoor surface level parking in the ratio of circa 60/40. The project is unique in that it is surrounded by low-level detached housing and therefore achieves great views in a pleasant suburban environment, minutes away from the commercial hubs. There are no comparable projects in the vicinity. All apartments and the overall project are guaranteed by Elephant's uncompromising commitment to quality and value, as showcased in their previously completed projects. The potential of the area is enhanced by the regeneration plans for the entire docklands area at the northern tip of Csepel Island, which is one of the most ambitious planned re-developments in the city. This zone is situated just minutes to the North-West of the Vigo plot.

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